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Do you offer boarding?

Due to the popularity of our program, we do not accept horses for field or stall board. Katherine travels widely around Virginia to teach at a variety of boarding facilities and is always happy to teach off the property. Occasionally, in special situations, our facility takes client horses for short-term training.

Special consideration is offered for talented horses with international competition potential. 

For more information or queries for special situations regarding competition horses, please contact us directly. 


Do you offer starter lessons?

Because our program is specifically geared toward national and international dressage competition, we do not offer beginner lessons. While our horses are very well-trained and seasoned, they are sport horses with competition records. Therefore, we require that all riders who enroll in the program must be able to safely and correctly walk, trot, and canter independently as well as be capable of safely handling the horses on the ground. This is for the best interest of our horses.

We welcome riders of all disciplines! Former dressage experience is not required.

Do you offer virtual lessons?

YES! We love virtual lessons and are willing to work with a wide variety of setups and situations. Reach out to us directly for details!


Do you offer summer camp?

While our facility offered summer camp previously, we have changed the program format and focus and therefore we do not offer camps of any kind.

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